Cerberus application is auto installing with predefined most common worst case use - an site under continues intruders pressure.

 To adapt application response to particular needs there is rich collection of available settings.
 Let's briefly walk through the application settings to take it over instantly.

 "Install Cerberus application / Restore Cerberus application Defaults" control
  a. When installing this control is only control in this tab and whole installation is automated and need to follow steps provided by control help panel description.
  b. After application is installed added other two controls:
    - "Connect and run all enabled features"
    - "Cerberus command panel link"
  "Connect and run all enabled features" - simply ON / OFF Cerberus application button.
  "Cerberus command panel link" - provide direct link to Cerberus application native control panel - with adjustable expiration, which set out in tab "OPTIONS" from Group controls: "Cerberus host folder options". See at "OPTIONS" tab: for more detail.

  a. Guard device and its respective cron job, settled separately.
  b. Scanner device and its respective cron job, settled separately.
  a. Execute modules

CRON JOBS tab:. Enable / disable following devices:
  a. Control "Set Guard cronjob time interval" set the time interval per which cron job executes the guard device, predefined at 3 minutes. Cronjob period is together a checking time depth value (plus some small time overlap ~ max scan time set to 1sec - at now it is not adjustable).
  a. And for scan device as much more slower device, predefined time interval set to 2 hours, suitable for most cases.

FOLDERS tab:. Control group "application folders" are filled by application, with predefined folders and are adjustable from user. all folders are set above the site root and all paths mast be absolute.

  a."Protect directories" field set comma separated list of folders you want to scan, paths mast be relative to site root.
  b. "Ignored directories" field set comma separated list of folders you want to be ignored, paths mast be relative to site root. However, please use sparingly, since this increase site exposure to threats.
  c. "Scan file types" field set comma separated list of what file types mast be scanned.

  a. "Cerberus host folder" field define the Cerberus host folder.
  b. "Control panel access duration" field sets the control panel access duration time interval. When login from public places may use something reasonable small values, for example 10 min. 15 min.
  c. Field "Cache folder / sub folder which needs to be cleared on site backup" set the cache folder actual cache path which automatically will be cleared on site backup action.

  Set relative mailing fields and notifications on incidents if you want to.

  Database fields which are filled also automatically by application.

  Some notes about uploads facilities:
  Cerberus application will ignore completely uploaded files if their type is not between the scanned files types defined at "WHAT TO PROTECT / IGNORE" tab: "Scan file types" field.
  Even will ignore new folder creation if new folder not contain scannable file types defined in just now mentioned control field.
  So by these conditions any upload facilities are coexistable with Cerberus application without any adjustments.
  In case if scannable file will be discovered by guard device whole folder contained that file will be removed. In case the folder preexist (i.e. registered) will be removed just scannable file.

Some notes about ignored folders:
   Ignored folders mast to be protected by some atleast simple measures, if of course that is achievable.
  For example:
    - changing folder access level,
    - disallow folder web accessing,
    - flushing regularly, if applicable,
    - not use first level sub folders as ignored folder, use more deeply nested sub folders, etc.
  Ideal solution is not using of ignored folders at all or at least use them only temporary, if it possible.