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jqGrid     jqGrid extension.

A jqGride module offer a powerful way to provide, collect and shear data with your users. jQGride is an suitable way to represent a tabular data.
Few examples to take an idea of endless ways of module use: fast way to connect and update your store back end, costumers table, making polling, collecting users various inputs. Other example is creation of many recipes of ready to use micro applications for various needs.
Powered by its own multilanguage system, where from backend can to translate tables aliases to system available languages on easy manner.
Suitable to setup an micro application even from unexperienced users. In combination with ability to operate multiple modules on same page get the possibility for more complex applications.



Features in detail:

Amazing interactive tool for every website. Increase usability & interactivity of any website.
A Selecto is, a amasing, extension which offer a powerful way to collect and shear data with your users increase incredible interactivity of any site. Most suitable use for sites with rich content, forums, blogs etc.

Selecto Universal SelectionTool Selecto extension.
Selecto is a lightweight plugin and yet powerfull system for your website, giving to your visitors & members the possibility to download articles (as HTML and ZIP), or mail them. A plugin that missing from Joomla community and a user friendly tool that will make your visitors turning to members.

-Native JOOMLA 2.5, 3.x.
-Multilanguage Support.
-You are the boss. Limit the selections based on user status (Visitor or Member). The limits can be applied to all parameters of the plugin.
-Freedom giver. Your visitors can download the selected articles from your blog, news, website and read them offline.
-Assign to menu. The Selecto plugin can assigned to menus exactly like a module!
-Secure & Clean code. The code of this plugin gives you and your visitors the necessary safety & make sense of the data processing speed.

Please visit the demo page to see Selecto at action on real rich content page.


Features in detail:

Uplo extension.

    An exceptional uploading tool with many features to satisfy the most demanding users. Fit in any business plan, where needed robust advanced upload function. Suitable for sites dealing with translation, documents exchanging, architects, legal offices, engineers offices etc. Implemented with pure javascript not needed any additional library. Additionally uses Web Workers technology for more intensive and heavy tasks and is switchable from the back end. Heavy upload mechanics uses blobs chunkable, resumable devices and cutting edge of no server pressure "Ping-Pong" technology. Javascript is implemented using revealing module pattern which contribute, among others benefits, to clear, maintainable code. Uses VFS conception to offer elegant solutions to diversity of upload demands. Almost everything is adjusted from the back end.
    Please don't hesitate to contact, for anything about the Upload module, especially for adding functionality.


Upload mechanics uses:
     - Cutting edge, Web Workers technology.
     - Blobs chunkable, resumable devices.
     - Cutting edge of no server pressure "Ping-Pong" technology.
     - VFS conception to diversify upload response.

Some other remarkable features:
     - Private folders, with plenty of options defined from backend.
     - Send uploads by a mail, with plenty of options defined from backend.
     - Watermarks, with plenty of options defined from backend. Watermarks utilities tab.
     - Resize upload images on fly, before uploading, defined from backend.
     - Defining separately upload and final store path to implement farther processing you need.
     - Filtering uploads by size, type and max files number per upload.
     - CSS, HTML5 and pure JavaScript.
     - Uses drag and drop area, or files select button.
     - Easy CSS styling at your own desire. Already 3 templates included.
     - No additional JavaScript library needed.


Packer Multi Installer     Packer extension.

PACKER is a must tool for every webmaster that need an essential way to manage multiple extensions. Packer gives you the possibility to upload / install multiple extensions in bulk and to create a unique session name for this installation. Then you can manage the extensions that you just installed filtered by session. Also if you have multiple plugins and don't want to waste time enabled them one by one, you can tell PACKER to do it for you. Component Characteristics Provide layer to standard Joomla core functions to allow webmaster to install multiple extensions or bundles of extensions (zip file of extension zips files) at once. Bring an idea to bind an installation session by a name. By giving name you want to the Packer you can manage your uploaded extensions by session. Check if you want to enable all plugins by deafult on upload. Save time for more creative thinks.


    -Install multiple extensions one by one, with multiple uploaders.
    -Install a Zip Archive with multiple extensions zips inside, at once.
    -Install multiple Zip Archives with multiple installer.
    -Let Packer remember your installation by a session name
you want, and then manage them through the Packer Manager.
    -Manage your extensions filtered by session name.

Powerfull upload system Benefits from such solution are obvious, and provide to webmaster an elegant way to manage their extensions.



Cerberus lio Cerberus - an advanced site protection, security solution extension.

Cerberus is an advanced site protection, security solution plugin and based on a simple and durable idea - detect and remove changes caused by intruders as immediately as possible and not giving indispensable time space needed to develop attack they want, so canceling on practice, any intruders effort to compromise your site.
And an successful implementation of that powerful idea which proved day by day on practice is Cerberus application.
  This concept going to replace obsolete conception of one scan per day, which give to intruder all time they need to completion their malicious activity. Many of us had this bitter experience. So, while site being protected efficiently, give the necessary comfort to investigate further eventual intruders incidents, which successfully was cancelled, to get fixed discovered site vulnerabilities. Consequently tuning Cerberus application better.
Cerberus is consisted mainly of two scanning devices. One is use classic way to record site file system and its md5-ed content. This is slow but durable device where are implemented various options provided by Cerberus control panel to specialize device response function to fit to any possible demands.
 And an other device (Guard) which borrow basic options as search options, ignored folders, scan file types, etc. Have extremely small resources footprint and mainly devoted to track down any changes caused by intruders in immediate response.
 Some numbers, to assess efficiency of that device:
  by classic scanning device needed ~ 150 to 200 seconds for scanning an average middle size site (CMS) with about ~16000 files. And less than one second for Guard device (measured when device is on crone job mode, else when displayed spend ~3 to 4 seconds).

 Some compromises in favor to speed response of Guard device are:

  a) in case of file detected as threat (defined in Cerberus Configuration - at field "Scan file types") respect all settings for scan filtering( provided by control panel settings) but not redirecting to application jail folder, simple erase it.
  b) in case of unregistered folder detected as threat no any processing or filtering is implements. Simply erase new (eventually malicious) folder.

A few milliseconds gained by these restrictions are too valuable in straggle of removing immediately if possible malware interventions.
Certain measures have been taken to make time costly to find Cerberus application hosting folder to get access to Cerberus application control panel to disable Cerberus application.

  a) Cerberus hosting folder name is set out from control panel and, as best naming approach to be masked, maybe to set to some similar name as names used in your site.
  b) Even if intruders finds hosting folder a 100 bytes access codes to control panel will be demanded.
  c) Access to Cerberus control panel is possible only from plugin back-end - tab "Plugin" | "Cerberus command panel link" | "Go to Cerberus command panel".
  d)Access duration of Cerberus control panel is varies from 5 minutes to 6 hours and set out from tab "Options" | "Control panel access duration".

  And most important:

 Even if intruders will remove host folder and its content, damage they will cause not affect normal functioning of Cerberus application and only application communications will be lost temporary, which recoverable from Cerberus application by itself automatically. However, the Cerberus application continue functioning normally on full extent, ruining intruders malignant plans.

 Thus with Cerberus application, you'll protect, efficiently, your internet presence, investments and gain peace of mind about your site safety, which is the precious good in nowadays .



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