Configurator adjustments.

By Configurator can to adjust following parameters of jqGrid:

Label - Rename the used table fields to more suitable labels -[ To change particular table field label or in case of multilingual site to translate label name to available site languages - make click on triangle mark before particular table field row which going to change/translate where will show up the table of available sites languages and change/translate content field under label “Translation” on respective listed languages (to enable edit mode make click on pencil icon since completion click on store icon) ]
Order - Set Particular field order - [ set by 1 the highest order, by last fields count the last order ]
Show - Enable / Disable the used table fields - [ set 1 to enable table particular field, 0 - to disable]
Width - Set particular field width - [ set field width in pixels ]
Sort - Initially sort table by particular field - [ set 1 - to be sorted, 0 - not ]

So lets setup [i__customer] table:

Setup the fields labels, widths, disabling the customer_id field and set initial table sorting by [Last name] field.

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In next article we will continue module setup with tab "Grid options part 1".

Previus article - Create basic jqGrid.

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