Packer Multi Installer

Packer Multi Installer     Packer extension.

PACKER is a must tool for every webmaster that need an essential way to manage multiple extensions. Packer gives you the possibility to upload / install multiple extensions in bulk and to create a unique session name for this installation. Then you can manage the extensions that you just installed filtered by session. Also if you have multiple plugins and don't want to waste time enabled them one by one, you can tell PACKER to do it for you. Component Characteristics Provide layer to standard Joomla core functions to allow webmaster to install multiple extensions or bundles of extensions (zip file of extension zips files) at once. Bring an idea to bind an installation session by a name. By giving name you want to the Packer you can manage your uploaded extensions by session. Check if you want to enable all plugins by deafult on upload. Save time for more creative thinks.


    -Install multiple extensions one by one, with multiple uploaders.
    -Install a Zip Archive with multiple extensions zips inside, at once.
    -Install multiple Zip Archives with multiple installer.
    -Let Packer remember your installation by a session name
you want, and then manage them through the Packer Manager.
    -Manage your extensions filtered by session name.

Powerfull upload system Benefits from such solution are obvious, and provide to webmaster an elegant way to manage their extensions.



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