Virtual folders

Aspects of managing of registered users / customers

The significance of customers uploaded documents as your business most valuable assets is undeniable. So managing of registered users / customers is made on infrastructure native level, to bring additional security on cases of physical storage failure in combination of insufficient backups functionality - which is happened relatively too often, on today so. And this functionality is inherited from the same Uplo module, earlier versions. When user login and use upload facility for first time then create personal folder in the physical storage - an additional layer of user uploads security.

What is Virtual folder / section which used by Uplo module?

This is a system of database records that define, uniquely, each of the upload document address in that virtual folder / section.

Its highly desirable the name of virtual folders to be related to its content as its of crucial usability for your site users / customers and finally for your business. With less descriptive sections names your customers will have no clue what document to upload in what section.

The virtual folder / section solution achieve more versatile use of Uplo module to satisfy diversity of upload needs. The database facility can to be created by any module and recognized and used by any of instantiated Uplo modules automatically.

When a module is removed all of its net of addresses created when it been in use, remains in the system. However from module back-end can to be removed, some or all, of its virtual folders / sections explicitly. That net of addresses, created by that particular module, as all of records created by all Uplo modules when being in use can to be used independently of presence of Uplo modules creates them.

Of cause mast to be preserved the physical main destination containers linked with each module. More descriptively that functionality illustrated in cases when, two or more modules shared the same physical folder.

When module is active, then to access any of its upload documents in currently active section simple need to know original file name of document and module ID in URL pattern which uses the access php script.

Below, to adopt more easily the use of access script lets see on an example the URL pattern used this script: images


          ig.php is script about and free you from the mess of various paths related to various containers/folders and permissions used. And only parameters you are needed are shown below, based on the URL pattern example above.

          1. Use of original file name, in parameter (i=image.jpg).

          2. Particular module ID in parameter (m=107).

          3. In cases when you want to use virtual folders/sections other than the current one, which is in use by module then mast to supply that virtual folder/section name in parameter (v=Sea images).


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