On what mast be to pay attention to store module in consistent way with the virtual folders / sections system

First, to note that storing a Uplo module itself is exactly the same as for any other joomla module.
To store a module definition in the virtual folders / sections system is a separate action and performed by button "Store as new section" from the tab "Module".
So, you can decide if that module will participate in system of virtual folders / sections or not.
In case you want this particular module to participate in virtual folders / sections system you must additionaly fill the field "Set current version / section." to set the virtual folders / sections apropriate name. Preferably something descriptive to kind of uploaded documents you plan to requests from your users / customers to upload.
Fill also if want to be more decriptive for your users, field "Set version description." below.
At end push the button below - "Store as new section". Thats it. Easy and usual module setup.

This is valid for initial module setup, when module was not yet registed in the system.
As was mentioned in article "Paths anatomy of Uplo module" to define an virtual folder / section needed only few module parameters. So, after registering in the system of virtual folders / sections, to be consistent with that system, mast to pay attention to these parameters to remain the same else virtual folders / sections definition in the system for this module was not match so uploads may redirects to wrong places.
So what are these parameters are:
to simplify to be consistent the module adjustments with the virtual folders / sections system any time consistence will broked an alert box will inform you what fields are broken so to be reverted by yourself or done that automaticaly (actually that is implemented).

Revert operation can to be done automaticaly and is actually done.
But need to be informed the user(admin) to understand why some times changes that maked by admin and stored are reverted by the module itself.

}|{setTitle}|{Setup Details}|{setSubTitle}|{Setup details for this Uplo module *"Default template"}|{setContent}|{ In this case major point is placing destination main container / folder above the site root, which improve security significantly. Differ on way of retrieving the documents from main container from other cases, in this case use of script (ig.php) is obligatory and used on exactly the same way as used in cases when main container is not placed above the site root. In cases when module destination folder is not placed above the site root use of that script is not obligatory but highly desirable because improve crucially: • the security - by not revealing the actual paths and • usability - by using the same access pattern for all document and all cases. • centralised solution i.e. use of same script allow to implement any filtering you want in one access point. • peace on mind - free you up from the mess of various paths related to various containers/folders and permissions used. Lets see on example below how to use this script: http://j-ext.net/ig.php?i=image.jpg&m=107&v=Sea images Where: ig.php - it is the script about. And only parameters you are needed are shown below, based on the example above. 1. Use of original file name, in parameter (i=image.jpg). 2. Particular module ID in parameter (m=107). 3. In cases when use virtual folders/sections and not the current in use by module then mast supply that virtual folder/section name in parameter (v=Sea images). Note: Did you notice from last parameter in explanation above that essentially you can use independently any virtual folder/section you want, even without of use/presence of particular Uplo modules that creates them. To read more about the virtual folders / sections please click here. To read for the managing of registered users / customers and more, please click here. * - despite that templates may to looks different the described functionality is the same for all templates since are based on the same Upload module. All these templates as complete functional units as you are see them on demo page are included (/mod_uplo/tmpl/) in standard distribution, so you can take over instantly. }


General download link:

for "jqGrid" module

for "Selecto" plugin

for "Uplo" module

for "Packer" component

Installing procedure:
For Joomla platform:
From Joomla backend please go to Extensions | Extension Manager | Install.
When installing extensions, especially for large ones like the "jqGrid Module", is preferable to use the third installation method - "Install from URL" - a hassle free method. Where simply copy download link in field "Install URL" and install.

Download links expiration

Download link expire after using in 2 days.
When never used, in 1 year,
When never used, since beginning, in 2years.

All download links are keeping their respective versions of products, when they was created.


All j-ext.net extensions are licensed under the GPL v2 and later license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html).

No further restriction are applied beyond of that.

Subscription length period is six months.

Amazing interactive tool for every website. Increase usability & interactivity of any website.
A Selecto is, a amasing, extension which offer a powerful way to collect and shear data with your users increase incredible interactivity of any site. Most suitable use for sites with rich content, like news, forums, blogs etc.

Selecto Universal SelectionTool Selecto extension.
Selecto is a lightweight plugin and yet powerfull system for your website, giving to your visitors & members the possibility to download articles (as HTML and ZIP), or mail them. A plugin that missing from Joomla community and a user friendly tool that will make your visitors turning to members.

-Native JOOMLA 2.5, 3.x.
-Multilanguage Support.
-You are the boss. Limit the selections based on user status (Visitor or Member). The limits can be applied to all parameters of the plugin.
-Freedom giver. Your visitors can download the selected articles from your blog, news, website and read them offline.
-Assign to menu. The Selecto plugin can assigned to menus exactly like a module!
-Secure & Clean code. The code of this plugin gives you and your visitors the necessary safety & make sense of the data processing speed.

Go to the demo page to see Selecto action on real rich content page.



jqGrid module

jqGrid module Common Scripts & Styles manual placing in template index script

Below provided a fragment of index script suitable place to put the module Scripts & Styles files.

<jdoc:include type='head' />
<?php include ( 'php/styles.php' ); ?>
<?php include ( '/modules/mod_jqgrid/admin/styles.php' ); ?> [insert position for style files]
<?php include ( 'php/scripts.php' ); ?>
<?php include ( '/modules/mod_jqgrid/admin/scripts.php' ); ?> [insert position for script files]


Here I collect some of my extensions that I like and was enjoyed during creation. All extensions are running on !Joomla platform. Some of them as jqGrid and Selecto are running also on Wordpress platform.
Hope you enjoy using that extensions.
Do not hesitate to share your opinion, suggestions and ideas to improve functionality of extensions you are using and to propose new, useful features which will bring your user’s experience to new level and will stay, for good, printed in their mind the quality of services which your site offer.

What is Recipes

Grid module is software product that is not so friendly to wide !Joomla public, because to make something usefull, beyond the trivial use, needs sofware knowlege on alot of areas.

We realize that those difficulties are strong obsticle of using such wonderful and usefull toll such a jqgrid.

So to elliminate that barrier and make available to every body user and site masters use of that wonderful tool we introduce a concept of Recipes - a smool complete application  based on jqGride to perform something usefull task.

And be parametrized by the user by simple and intuitive way.


application for store, clients updating,

for translation some documents,

making polls,

collecting users inputs

and many more other useful applications.

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Multipurpose module.

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