The general API pattern is:


   i=[uploaded document original name]

   &m=[module ID]

   &v=[section name]



   i – Document original file name.

   t – Document original file name (to get thumbnail if available).

   m – Module ID.

   v – Section to which document belongs.


By adding follow parameters to result URL get respective actions:

   &down=1 – to download zipped document.

   &del=1 – to erase document.

   &path=1 – to get path to document. By default the obscuration is hard coded. To release, set the “GET_PATH_OBSCURED” to zero in ig.php script.



Access uploaded documents by script ig.php

  When module is active, then to access any of its upload documents in currently active section simple need to know original file name of document and module ID in URL pattern which uses the access ig.php script.

  Below, to adopt more easily the use of access script lets see on an example the URL pattern used this script:

http://example.com/ig.php?i=image.jpg&m=107&v=Sea images


   ig.php is script about and free you from the mess of various paths related to various containers/folders and permissions used. And only parameters you are needed are shown below, based on the URL pattern example above.

   1. Use of original file name, in parameter (i=image.jpg).

   2. Particular module ID in parameter (m=107).

   3. In cases when you want to use virtual folders/sections other than the current one, which is in use by module then mast to supply that virtual folder/section name in parameter (v=Sea images).