Basic adjustments of Uplo module include:

  Uplo module coming with a number of predefined set of Virtual Folders / Section (VFS). And after Joomla module setup default steps module is ready to run immediately.

  However may be useful to get attention and checkup some simple points. Uplo module is a complex product, consisted from a Uplo module and accompanied plugin. However to be confident that you are in right path may need to take some simple steps to get basic picture and the rest adjustments are easily to be adopted step by step.

So,let's start.

1. On first tab "Module" setup field:

  Destination folder -Set destination folder, where uploads will be stored. Default is set to /UPLO/doc. For more safety can to set destination folder above the site root. To do that, simple precede the destination path with a dot (./UPLO/doc)

2. On first tab "Module" setup field:

Set / select current section - Change some Virtual Folder / Section (VFS) or create new one.

3. On first tab "Module" setup field:

Set section description - Update Virtual Folder / Section (VFS) description.

Basically at this point you are ready to go.

  However, eventually, you may interested your uploaded images to be marked by a watermark - so, please check the tab "Watermarks".
Perhaps you interested on image resizing, or sending mail with uploads so check the respective fields.


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