Basic adjustments of Uplo module include:

 Upload folder - Set folder, where uploads will be uploaded. Default is set to /tmp/UPLO.

Destination folder -Set destination folder, where uploads will be stored. Default is set to /UPLO/doc. For more safety can to set destination folder above the site root. To do that, simple precede the destination path with 2 dots (../UPLO/doc)

Set destination mail address – All together with the destination folder can to use the destination mail address, where you want to send users uploads.

Destination mail subject -Set the subject of destination mail.

Destination mail message - Set destination mail message.

Admin mail address - Set valid admin mail address, else mailing will not functional.

Send images by email - Send images as thumbnail - When is checked send images as thumbnail else send in original size zipped. All rest uploaded files are send zipped.




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