Basic adjustments of Uplo module include:

 Upload folder - Set folder, where uploads will be uploaded. Default is set to /tmp/UPLO-def.

Destination folder -Set destination folder, where uploads will be stored. Default is set to /UPLO-def/doc.Set the destination folder path, place where you want to collect users uploads to be usable. Upload folder is not, by default, suitable place to store users uploads. Preferably to move users uploads to a safe place, and then make all the necessary processing.

Set destination mail address – All together with the destination folder can to use the destination mail address, where you want to send users uploads.

Destination mail subject -Set the subject of destination mail.

Destination mail message - Set destination mail message.

Admin mail address - Set valid admin mail address, else mailing will not functional.

Send images by email - Send images as thumbnail - When is checked send images as thumbnail else send in original size zipped. All rest uploaded files are send zipped.




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