Use captcha - Use captcha, mostly usefull for non protected areas. Default set to: false.


Use uploader only for registered users - Use uploader, only for registered users. Default set to: false.


Big files toggle size - Big files toggle size, beyond that size uploads will be redirected to web workers device, if available. If not, or in case of disabling web workers, duty of uploading of huge files undertaken by the, equal quality, blob chunked, resumable device (using of cause, browser javascript tread. ).

Tip: if set toggle size to zero then all uploads will be done via chuncable and resumable devices (web workers or blob transfer devices). Default, preset to 1M [1,048,576 bytes].


Disable web workers - Web workers increase responsiveness of site in case of havy tasks processing such, for example, upload of big files is, thanks to their nature[external javascript tread]. In rare case of malfunction, which, lead to browser malfunction and only way to fix it is to restart computer OS. For that reason, in case of often such incidents, you can use this switch to exclude web workers device from upload process. General suggestion is to use web workers device wisly.


Private folders naming: - Private folders naming rules options.
        User ID
        User ID plus user name
        User login name
        User login name plus user name
        User ID plus user login name plus user name
Default set to: User ID.


Setup module header title - Set module header title, with styling . Default set to: Uplo.


Take over other modules data - Supplay module ID which sections want to be transfered to the current module. Default set to: blank.


Recreate images to sanitize images - Recreate uploaded images to sanitize them . Default set to: off.


Thumbnails sizes :
Thumbnails width - Set thumbnails width. Performed for images type[gif, jpg, jpeg, png]. Default set to: 80px.

Thumbnails height - Set thumbnails height. Performed for images type[gif, jpg, jpeg, png]. Default set to: 80px.


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