Paths anatomy of Uplo module

Basics about physical paths which are created by Uplo module.

Basic viewpoint when planning directories architecture was a respect to users uploaded documents, with goal to minimize the possibility of data damages from our data manipulation infrastructures. Recognising that the user uploads are the most valuable assets for any business.

So to cover these needs there is many options from backend, to find an suitable solution, depending on your demands.

Main destination path is set in field "Destination folder" | tab - "Module". Lets for example set something as "/Uplo/doc" which resides in site root.

Hovewer, preferably to set main destination path above the site root - can to achive that by preceding the folder path by 2 dots ("../Uplo/doc" ) and access files by script (ig.php - which is placed by installation in site root).

Uplo by default create a number of paths adjustable from backend:

Module will create subdirectory "com" - for all anonymous users and for every registered user a personal subfolder which name is constructed from two parts: a prefix "user_" and user id.

Only for image files there is option to recreate them as sequrity measure to sanitize them.

So that is an additional security layer for the users uploaded documents.

When needed coding for the file names, there is option to store coded file names documents in separate folder, defined from backend.

As for image files when needed adding of watermark - again there is option to store watermarked images in separate folder, defined from backend.

At end, under the images folder will be added a folder "thumbs" for thumbnail images which are created automatically.

So what is virtual folders / sections?

A virtual folder is based on physical path to extend single module functionality, beyond the one particular folder path defined from backend.

This concept adds thementhous diversity and many benefits to Uplo module and from a advanced, yet plain module elevate to an complete versatile application for upload needs of any business ready to use mostly without any customization. Altogether elevate application sequrity, because of centralised serving of uploaded documents by a script.

Final purpose of virtual folders is to simplify uploader module integration with business model workflow.

Lets to see on example what is virtual folders.

Mostly business models demand users uploads to distinct by number of thematics, business model specifics.

For example:

Translation bureau needs uploaded documents to be translated in a number of languages and users to be able to select between the languages they want to be translated their documents.

On case of simple solution, of a plain uploader, to use one upload facility for all users uploads, which they end up to the same folder - assessed as too primitive:

a) Increased danger of file names collisions.

b) Increased danger of malicious failure - loss of uploaded documents of all users, security break.

c) Inefficient management of uploaded by users documents.

d) Not offered for integration.

Or on case of more complex solution, for each translation language to create separate upload facility, of a plain uploaders - assessed as too overwhelming, excessive:

a) Unjustified space and resource wasting (looks too outdated).

b) Thementhous difficulties of documents management which are uploaded by users.

a) Great difficulties of final integration and uploaded documents management.

So what offers the virtual folders solution of Uplo module to particular example of Translation bureau?

So, Translation bureau, in our example, will needs only one upload module with demanded number of virtual folders for translated number of languages, switchable from the front end from the final users and define preselected (initial) virtual folder from backend. Where benefits are:

a) Each registered user can to choose virtual folder / section where he / she wants to upload its documents. Additionally can to be greatly guided and assisted by description field which describe purpose of particular virtual folder.

b) Documents going in user personal folder - increased uploaded documents security.

c) As conclusion, each user can to see and access only documents he / she uploaded in each Virtual folder / section.

d) Virtual folders support centralised serving of uploaded documents by a script. Additional layer of security plus easy integration.

Please keep in mind that pair of destination folder and virtual folder / section name to be unique.

Please see demo for particular solution (using all templates and some more options).

Please note, that Uplo module demo provide full circle upload facility with feedback.

Full source code for that particular solution can be downloaded from here and can be used as complete, basic application, to easily start with.

So, in short, virtual folder evolve an advanced uploader device such as Upload module to versatile device able to provide elegant solution to any business model where need modern upload function.

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