Basics about physical paths which are created by Uplo module.

Basic viewpoint when planning directories architecture was a respect to users uploaded documents, with goal to minimize the possibility of data damages from our data manipulation infrastructures. Recognising that the user uploads are the most valuable assets for any business.

So to cover these needs there is many options from backend, to find an suitable solution, depending on your security demands.

To all folders is assigned as permission: 0700.

So, direct access to directories created by Uplo module is not possible and can to be accessed only by the script increasing the overall data security.

Main destination path is set in field "Destination folder" | tab - "Module". Lets for example set something as "Uplo/doc" which resides in site root.

Module will create subdirectory "com" - for all anonymous users and for every registered user subfolder which name is constructed from two parts: a prefix "user_" and user id. So that is an additional security layer for the users uploaded documents.

Uplo by default create a number of paths adjustable from backend:

Every upload document is placed in base folder which is for anonymous users - "com" subfolder and for registered users "user_" plus user id, without processing. Only for image files there is option to recreate them as sequrity measure to sanitize them.

When needed for the file names coding there is option to store coded file names documents in separate folder.

As for image files when needed adding of watermark - again there is option to store watermarked images in separate folder.

At end, under the images folder will be added a folder "thumbs" for thumbs images which are created automatically.

So depend on your adjustments from backend the base level storing space maybe will never be used and stay as a kind of backup and that way secures the users uploads from any damages from, eventually, users documents processing failures.

This, of course, in any means not substitue the regular data backups, as the first line medicine for storage devices failures.

Where are placed virtual folders / sections in paths structures

No where. This concept adds thementhous diversity and many benefits to Uplo module and from a plain module elevate to an complete versatile application for upload needs of any business ready to use mostly without any customization.

Virtual folders / Section, maybe more complete - Version - module version - is a concept where changing something in module folders structure and store by an descriptive name, the changes somewhere in a system (which belongs, of course, to module facilities), we will get an other upload module with other adjustment in same physical module instantiation. And accompanied by a facilities for virtual, simultaneously switching between virtual folders / section / versions we get a fabulous, versatile device able to get elegant solution to any business uploads needs.

On first place idea was to include all Uplo module parameters to virtual folders / sections / versions concept. A second, more conservative approach was to extend only to parameters which define the module directories

Personally i like both

But if someone prefer the "Full" version where will participate all module parameters in virtual sections concept (maybe, in that case is more appropriate to speaking for virtual versions)

Please don't hesitate to contact me to create that version of Uplo module for you.

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