Basics about physical paths which are created by Uplo module.

Basic viewpoint when planning directories architecture was a respect to users uploaded documents, with goal to minimize the possibility of data damages from our data manipulation infrastructures. Recognising that the user uploads are the most valuable assets for any business.

So to cover these needs there is many options from backend, to find an suitable solution, depending on your demands.

Main destination path is set in field "Destination folder" | tab - "Module". Lets for example set something as "/Uplo/doc" which resides in site root.

Hovewer, preferably to set main destination path above the site root - can to achive that by preceding the folder path by a dot ("./Uplo/doc" ) and access uploaded documents by script (ig.php - which is placed by installation in site root).

Uplo module by default create, in destination directory, subdirectory "com" - for all anonymous users and for every registered user a private folders adjustable from backend.

In every folders common "com" and private folders are created, automatically, two additional folders for images, when uploaded documents are images, "thumbs" - for thumbnail images and "watermarked" - when watermarks are enabled.

Only for image files there is option to recreate them as sequrity measure to sanitize them, if no watermarks are enabled.

So that is an additional security layer for the users uploaded documents.

All uploaded documents are stored in destination folder and in any subfolers ONLY by random 20 digits length file names.

Uploaded documents are linked with their original file names only trough the database respective records. And allow to be retrieved by original name correct path to coded respective uploaded document. Or by coded filename of uploaded document, gets its original file name

Aid in uploaded documents access is provided by script ig.php.

So that is an additional security layer for the users uploaded documents.