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Upload module was designed with pure javascript, HTML5 and uses for more heavy duty jobs, cutting edge technology, the Web Workers technology, switchable from the back end.
Offer a flexible & rich back end, which allow hi level of customization to cover almost anybody demands.
Introduce a concept of virtual folders / sections which except the rest tremendous benefits, contribute positively to further integration. Uploaded files coding, marking, filtering by various filters and number of various limitations are some indications of featured back end.
In combination of ability to operate of multiple modules on a page resolves any complex upload demands for a variety of uses, such, legal, translation offices and many more.

Few examples to take an idea of power and flexibility of Uplo module are presented, below, on this page.
Uplo module comes with 3 predefined styles:
Default template - a classic upload panel suitable as central page theme.
Minimal template - a minimalistic design for more discrete use.
Styled template - to get an different look of module.

Uplo Styling

In left column are placed 3 Uplo modules, each with different available styles and on right column, which is part of demo page, respective, server side communications facilities to present uploads you are make as anonymous user and as registered user to assessment concept of virtual folders / sections as well as the rest of technologies used. This layout demonstrates a some basic features of Uplo extension among many other. From that facilities you can retrieve a download link of your uploaded files with eventual adjustments that take place from back end due to demo purpose, as for example resized, marked images.
Default template:

Uplo Section:

Drop files to upload here

Or select files to upload

Setup details Uploaded files count in section «-»:(-)
Upload image thumbs

Styled template:

Uplo Section:

Drop files to upload here
or click on this area to select files to upload
Security code. Please write below in text field the security code, from image
Security image
Check security text Change security text
Setup details Uploaded files count in section «-»:(-)
Upload image thumbs

Minimal template:

Uplo Section:

Drop files to upload here
or click on this area to select files to upload
Setup details Uploaded files count in section «-»:(-)
Upload image thumbs

It's widely known the issues which have mobile devices with upload functionality.

So, what that issues are?

When you going to use an upload device and you open the file chooser dialog, to upload something, the browser app closes. When you close the chooser, the browser is reopened and not keep the choice that you makes, but, simply, reopen the page. That's how Android OS works and many others so. Can to happened continuously or time to time. Or, for example, an other, not so significant issue, without implications to main upload functionality is the lacking of displaying the upload progress.

That misfunctionality is extremely annoying for such vital, for users, function as upload function, and going to diminish, significantly, the mobile devices overall usability.

Of course OS designers for mobile devices are aware about these issues, hovewer they are not fixing them mainly and simply because it's fundamental to them, in core, to how, for example, Android OS works. Same principles follow many others OS designers of mobile devices. And reason mainly is the stragle for available memory and, of cource, users reasonable demand of such vital upload functionality, seems, will take a long to be satisfyed.

So what we can to do, what to recommend to our customers / users when they want to upload from mobile devices.

I encountered few cases when upload function from mobile devices is likely to succeed:

1. Since it is about of the available memory - please free as much it possible - close the rest applications.

2. From the settings panel, of mobile device, select the "Apps" and "Storage" tabs and free up, as much is possible more memory - by eliminating apps cache and moving, where is possible, apps from internal storage to SD card (the mobile device main storage).

3. From the settings panel, of mobile device, "Developer options" tab, go to "APPS" section and uncheck the "Don't keep activities".

4. From the same tab ("Developer options") and section ("APPS") select the "Background process limit" and on popup select the background processes to more than 1 process (usually 2-4).

5. From the settins pane, "Multi window" tab. If mobile device has "Multi window" functionality - turn ON. In that case do not use the 3 and 4 points ("Don't keep activities" and "Background process limit") of solution presented here.

Happy uploads from your mobile devices!

This is a system of database records that define, uniquely, each of the upload document address in that virtual folder / section.

Its highly desirable the name of virtual folders to be related to its content as its of crucial usability for your site users / customers and finally for your business. With less descriptive sections names your customers will have no clue what document to upload in what section.

In the examples above implement conception of "Virtual sections switching" - that's allow your users / customers, simultaneously switching to any section they want to upload their documents.

And preselect the section you want, from backend to be shown when browser started.

For registered users

When registered user for first time logged in, then module creates a separate phisycal folder belonging only to particular user and all available sections are linked to that folder, which, of course, valid for every user.

If you are interested to some customization of the presented solution, please, do not hesitate to contact me for suitable customization.

To read more about the virtual folders / sections please click here.

To read, related article, of managing of registered users / customers, the security native solution, and more, please click here.

When using uploading module in unfiltered, publicly exposed environment arises protection needs of site and server compromising by various treats, needs some durable, efficient tactics: as for example use for uploaded paths access mode to 0700 and retrieve content by script. Where you can implement most suitable filtering you want.
More durable solution however is to send uploaded files to a folder outside of site root and retrieves them by a script.
Because of permission issues needs attention when creating that folder to be with correct access credentials.

How to do that?
Create the folder for your upload files outside the web root with your site credentials.
Else, depending of your hosting plan, ask the host provider to do that for you.

A tip to do this job easily with UPLO module and Filezilla or similar FTP client.

First step: open your browser on your site page where is the particular instance of UPLO module placed and go to that module back end, in tab "Module" in destination folder field, for example [/UPLO-DEMO], precedes with 2 dots - [../UPLO-DEMO]. Store it.
Second step: by Filezilla in outside folder of the web root - (usually that is domain folder - which will contain the new folder to be created) change access mode to 0777 and reload the page where is placed particular UPLO module on your site.
That's it.
Your destination folder will created for you with correct credentials by UPLO module.
Change back , immediately, access mode back to normal (0755) of domain / outside folder.

What about of protection of images itself
Images can't to be protected from stealing by any means. So what remains - to be changed somehow to became less desirable - to be marked. A solid solution is to place a water mark or text on image. Maybe something discreet is a better choice. That functionality is provided in tab Watermarks of Uplo module admin.
Note that function can to be provided permanently or "on the fly", of course of some expense of processor power.

First step to hardened the security of uploads is to set permissions of uploads folder to 0700. But then images would not be displayed.
So, complement, second step, a solution to provide a link script. In that script (ig.php placed at Uplo module folder - /modules/mod_uplo/assets/sec) you can to place any filtering demand you have. From this view point uploads folders or any other folder that need protection below the site root elevate the protection level nearly to that of folders that placed above the site root.
So, that solution is suitable for shared hosting type too.
To download the files from protected folders can to use script too (downld.php placed at Uplo module folder - /modules/mod_uplo/assets/sec). Where you can to add various filters to satisfy any your demand.

These solutions are implemented in above particular Uplo module demo examples.
Water marking is provided in "fly" mode.

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