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Uplo - multifunctional advanced upload module / plugin. Diversifying and simplify many tasks where is needed robust, advanced upload function.

    Uplo application offer a flexible, powerful and yet simple way to upload, users documents, images etc. It is an exceptional uploading tool with many features to satisfy the most demanding users. Fit in any business plan, where needed robust advanced upload function. Suitable for sites dealing with translation, documents exchanging, architects, legal offices, engineers offices etc. Implemented with pure javascript not needed any additional library. Additionally uses Web Workers technology for more intensive and heavy tasks and is switchable from the back end. Heavy upload mechanics uses blobs chunkable, resumable devices and cutting edge of no server pressure "Ping-Pong" technology. Javascript is implemented using revealing module pattern which contribute, among others benefits, to clear, maintainable code. Uses VFS conception to offer elegant solutions to diversity of upload demands. Almost everything is adjusted from the back end.
    Please don't hesitate to contact, for anything about the Upload module, especially for adding functionality.


Upload mechanics uses:
     - Cutting edge, Web Workers technology.
     - Blobs chunkable, resumable devices.
     - Cutting edge of no server pressure "Ping-Pong" technology.
     - VFS conception to diversify upload response.

Some other remarkable features:
     - Private folders, with plenty of options defined from backend.
     - Send uploads by a mail, with plenty of options defined from backend.
     - Watermarks, with plenty of options defined from backend.
     - Watermarks utilities, useful to test watermarks, watermarks folders of images.
     - Resize upload images on fly, before uploading, defined from backend.
     - Defining separately upload and final store path to implement farther processing you need.
     - Filtering uploads by size, type and max files number per upload.
     - CSS, HTML5 and pure JavaScript.
     - Uses drag and drop area, or files select button.
     - Easy CSS styling at your own desire. Already 3 templates included.
     - No additional JavaScript library needed.

19.00 €


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