Uplo - multifunctional upload module. Simplify many tasks where is needed upload function.

A Uplo module offer a flexible, powerful and yet simple way to upload, users documents, images etc. which can to support legal, translators offices and many others use, where is demanded a substantial volume of users documents or other big data for submitting. Uplo module implemented using both the classic Ajax technology, and for heavy duty use cutting edge technology the Webworkers. Can to use both of them or separately. Offer a flexible & rich back end, which allow hi level of customization to cover almost anybody demands. Few examples to take an idea of power and flexibility of Uplo module are presented, in demo page.

Uplo module comes with 3 predefined styles:

Default template - a classic upload panel suitable as central page theme.

Minimal template - a minimalistic design for more discrete use.

Styled template - to get an different look of module.

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