Basic steps to install module are placed in section Basic.



  • Fill the fields in subsection Database connection info of section Basic. Test if connection is successful and then save.
  • Since successful connection in subsection Allowed tables to use will show the database all tables. In the textarea field with database tables names leave desirable tables to be used by module and save.
  • From subsection Setup Configurator Table simple select table you want to be used by the module and save. In the configurator table can adjust detailes you want now or later.

Basicaly thats it!


In all next sections you can costumize the module in ways you want. If you want something adjustments that are lack from the module and of wide publick interests, simple contact and will be added free of charge. Dont hesitate to contact for more exotic features.

Last option Place css & javascript files in the correct place manually, supersedes the mechanism used by joomla in meeneeng that precize placing allow the modules on page to be presented with the correct layouts. Please use the provided example here to done the job easy & correctly.

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