Some more module & other options.


Module Caption:
        Add table info?:
                to include in caption used database table name.
Grid width options:
        set width in respective field,
        Set auto width,
        no set width.

Module Width:
        set the module width.
Module Height:
        set the module height.
Configurator Width:
        set the configurator width.
Configurator Height:
        set the configurator height.
Enable alternate rows:
        enable alternate rows background.
Odd rows background:
        set odd rows background color.
Even rows background:
        set even rows background color.
Enable rows coloring:
        alternative to alternate rows method of rows coloring
Rows text color:
        set rows text color.
Rows background color:
        set rows background color.

Run a SQL:
        run a SQL for every you want on connected database.

Some PDF options:
        for grid pdf.

Enable header:
        enable header with logo and title.
        Portrait or Landscape.
Margin top:
        define header top margin.
        set pdf caption image.
Logo width:
        set logo image width.
Header title:
        set caption title text.
Header subtitle:
        set caption subtitle text.

        set creator name.
        set author name.
        set title.
        set keywords you want.
        set subject text.
Alternate rows:
        enable in pdf alternate rows background feature.
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