In this section are set the first block of parameters to costumize by desirable way. Let's take a look at the options:


Grid shrink:
        shrinks grid to module bound rectangle.
Grid resizable:
        allow to resize the module bound rectangle.
Key navigation:
        Enable the navigation by kayboard keys.
Search toolbar:
        Install the search toolbar above the grid.
Column resize:
        enabling the columns resaizing.
Multiselect button:
        enable the grid multiselect.
Column chooser button:
        enable column choiser, to show up or hide columns of your choise.
Columns reorder:
        enable columns reorder [by mouse].
Row hovers:
        enable row hovers to present cell contents.
Row numbers:
        presents the row count numbers.
Actions column:
        install an actions column with edit / delete action [can select the action]
Actions column placing:
        place action columns from left or right side of grid body.

Grid initial visible state:
        determine if initialy grid will be vizible or hided.
Grid row number:
        the grid area visible number of rows.

Can to enable some buttons lyke:
        Find button: invoke the find dialogue box.
Reload button: reloads the grid.
Enable grid export options:
Export Excel button: expord grid content in exel format.
Export CSV button: expord grid content in CVS format.
Export PDF button: expord grid content in PDF format.

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