}|{setTitle}|{Setup Details}|{setSubTitle}|{Setup details for this Uplo module *"Default template"}|{setContent}|{ In this case major point is placing destination main container / folder above the site root, which improve security significantly. Differ on way of retrieving the documents from main container from other cases, in this case use of script (ig.php) is obligatory and used on exactly the same way as used in cases when main container is not placed above the site root. In cases when module destination folder is not placed above the site root use of that script is not obligatory but highly desirable because improve crucially: • the security - by not revealing the actual paths and • usability - by using the same access pattern for all document and all cases. • centralised solution i.e. use of same script allow to implement any filtering you want in one access point. • peace on mind - free you up from the mess of various paths related to various containers/folders and permissions used. Lets see on example below how to use this script: http://j-ext.net/ig.php?i=image.jpg&m=107&v=Sea images Where: ig.php - it is the script about. And only parameters you are needed are shown below, based on the example above. 1. Use of original file name, in parameter (i=image.jpg). 2. Particular module ID in parameter (m=107). 3. In cases when use virtual folders/sections and not the current in use by module then mast supply that virtual folder/section name in parameter (v=Sea images). Note: Did you notice from last parameter in explanation above that essentially you can use independently any virtual folder/section you want, even without of use/presence of particular Uplo modules that creates them. To read more about the virtual folders / sections please click here. To read for the managing of registered users / customers and more, please click here. * - despite that templates may to looks different the described functionality is the same for all templates since are based on the same Upload module. All these templates as complete functional units as you are see them on demo page are included (/mod_uplo/tmpl/) in standard distribution, so you can take over instantly. }
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