}|{setTitle}|{Setup Details}|{setSubTitle}|{Setup details for this Uplo module *"Minimal template"}|{setContent}|{ In this case destination main container / folder is placed in the site root and additionally is the same which is used and by module "Styled template". So, two modules are shared the same physical folder. But why the quantity of virtual folders/sections and its content, as we observe them, are totaly different between both? How that can to be happened since both modules shared the same physical folder? Actually, both modules are shared the same physical folder in the physical storage, but have the ability to create totaly separated virtual folders / sections as many as you want, with content you want (desirable is the name of virtual folders to be related to its content ). That functionality is an advanced technological solutions, among of many implemented in Uplo module, in benefits, of course, for your customers. To retrieve the documents, in this case, use of script (ig.php) is not obligatory but highly desirable because improve crucially: • the security - by not revealing the actual paths and • usability - by using the same access pattern for all document and all cases. • centralised solution i.e. use of same script allow to implement any filtering you want in one access point. • peace on mind - free you up from the mess of various paths related to various containers/folders and permissions used. Lets see on example below how to use this script: http://j-ext.net/ig.php?i=image.jpg&m=107&v=Sea images Where: ig.php - it is the script about. And only parameters you are needed are shown below, based on the example above. 1. Use of original file name, in parameter (i=image.jpg). 2. Particular module ID in parameter (m=107). 3. In cases when use virtual folders/sections and not the current in use by module then mast supply that virtual folder/section name in parameter (v=Sea images). API i – Document original file name. t – Document original file name (to get thumbnail if available). m – Module ID v – Section to which document belongs By adding follow parameters to result URL get respective actions: &down=1 – to download zipped document. &del=1 – to erase document. &path=1 – to get path to document. Note: Did you notice from last parameter in explanation above that essentially you can use independently any virtual folder/section you want, even without of use/presence of particular Uplo modules that creates them. To read more about the virtual folders / sections please click here. To read for the managing of registered users / customers and more, please click here. "Minimal" Uplo module - parameters To get an picture of the particular module setup, see below its parameters table:
FieldValueParticipate in **VFS
Virtual Folder / SectionPeople
VFS description Description of section: People
VFS files count 10
Destination folder /UPLO...doc...
Upload folder [tmp] /tmp...UPLO... -
VFS update ctrl People
Watermark mode on
Watermark type 0 [text]
Watermark image images/stories/mod_uplo/watermarks/welcome.png
Watermark text P E O P L E m i n i m a l
Watermark x offset 5c
Watermark y offset 5c
Watermark transparency 80
Watermark rotate angle 45
Watermark vertical text off
Watermark reverse text off
Watermark font size 66 px
Watermark text color #ffffff
Watermark font file ARIALN.TTF
Jpeg quality 80
Watermark test images folder [for watermark test purpose] -
Add watermark to all images - source folder /images/stories/mod_uplo/wm-src, [watermark folder all images] -
Add watermark to all images - destination folder /images/stories/mod_uplo/, [watermark folder all images] -
Watermark test bed folder wm-dst [for watermark test purpose] -
Enable mailing off -
Destination mail addres - -
Destination mail subject My Uploads -
Destination mail message - -
Admin mail addres - -
Send images as thumbnail on -
Send via mail watermarked images off -
Send via mail rest files zipped on -
Upload file limit size 1,048,576 bytes -
Upload files limit count 50 -
Upload files limit by type zip, gzip, txt, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, doc, msword -
Resize image max width 0 [not resize - set to 0 ] -
Resize image max height 0 [not resize - set to 0 ] -
Use captcha off -
Allow only registered users off -
Web Workers toggle size [activated on] 1,048,576 -
Disable Web Workers off -
Private user folder naming rule 1 [user id and name] -
Uplo module title Uplos mini -
Uplo module title css font-size: 1em; font-weight: bold; color: #cc6; text-shadow: 1px 1px 0 #666; -
Takeover by current module the sections from other module Other module ID -
Recreate images off -
Thumbnail width 80px -
Thumbnail height 80px -
Template default -
Note: Fields that belongs to Virtual Folders / Sections system can be differ totally, since they dependent of current VFS (virtual folder / section), selected, for that particular module. And that is beauty of Virtual Folders / Sections as idea that changing the VFS may get totally different uploader environment (in current implementation of VFS) and only mechanics behind, in deep, stay the same. * - despite that templates may to looks different the described functionality is the same for all templates since are based on the same Upload module. ** - VFS - Virtual Folders / Sections system. All these templates on demo page are included (/mod_uplo/tmpl/) in standard distribution, so you can take over instantly. More over the combination of module and server backend monitoring facility of uploaded documents, as complete functional unit (See: Download demo source), allow almost in no time get solved your Joomla site upload needs by most complete way. }
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