On what mast be to pay attention to store module in consistent way with the virtual folders / sections system

First, to note that storing a Uplo module itself is exactly the same as for any other joomla module.
To store a module definition in the virtual folders / sections system is a separate action and performed by button "Store as new section" from the tab "Module".
So, you can decide if that module will participate in system of virtual folders / sections or not.
In case you want this particular module to participate in virtual folders / sections system you must additionaly fill the field "Set current version / section." to set the virtual folders / sections apropriate name. Preferably something descriptive to kind of uploaded documents you plan to requests from your users / customers to upload.
Fill also if want to be more decriptive for your users, field "Set version description." below.
At end push the button below - "Store as new section". Thats it. Easy and usual module setup.

This is valid for initial module setup, when module was not yet registed in the system.
As was mentioned in article "Paths anatomy of Uplo module" to define an virtual folder / section needed only few module parameters. So, after registering in the system of virtual folders / sections, to be consistent with that system, mast to pay attention to these parameters to remain the same else virtual folders / sections definition in the system for this module was not match so uploads may redirects to wrong places.
So what are these parameters are:
to simplify to be consistent the module adjustments with the virtual folders / sections system any time consistence will broked an alert box will inform you what fields are broken so to be reverted by yourself or done that automaticaly (actually that is implemented).

Revert operation can to be done automaticaly and is actually done.
But need to be informed the user(admin) to understand why some times changes that maked by admin and stored are reverted by the module itself.

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